Town of Jerusalem, NY
Town of Jerusalem Offices
3816 Italy Hill Rd., Branchport, NY 14418

Planning Board

Sam Priem – Chairman


Planning Board:

  • Sam Priem – Chairman
  • John Kriese – Vice Chairperson
  • Robin Johnson
  • Sam Priem
  • Michael Hiller
  • Melissa Gerhardt
  • David Willson

Planning Board Oversees:

  • Comprehensive planning for Town of Jerusalem
  • Site plan review
  • Special use applications
  • Use variance applications

2023 Planning and Zoning Board Referral Schedule

Complete applications are due the third Thursday of the prior month’s scheduled meeting.
These referral & meeting dates are for submission of materials to be placed on the Planning and/or Zoning Board schedule only if review by the Yates County Planning Board is NOT required. 30 days in advance are required for these applications.
All materials submitted requiring Yates County Planning Board Review must be in the ZAP office a minimum of 30 days in advance of the above referral dates.

Zoning Board:

Rodgers Williams – Chairman

(Meeting second Thursday of each month – 7 pm.)

   Fax: 315-595-2707

  • Rodgers Williams – Chairman
  • Earl Makatura – Vice Chairman
  • Lynn Overgaard
  • Steve Schmidt
  • Randy Rhoads

The Zoning Board Oversees:

  • Area Variance Appeals
  • Use Variance Appeals
  • Special Use Applications
  • Administrative Reviews

Deputy Clerk

Laura Swarthout
   Fax: 315-595-2707

2024 Planning and Zoning Board Referral Schedule