Town of Jerusalem, NY
Town of Jerusalem Offices
3816 Italy Hill Rd., Branchport, NY 14418

Town Clerk

Sheila McMichael
   Fax: 315-595-2707

TOJ Municipal Code

» Municipal Code for The Town of Jerusalem, NY

The Town's Municipal Code contains the Ordinances (laws) enacted by the Town Council to regulate certain activities within the Town limits.

TOJ Town & County Tax

» Town & County Property Tax Collection

Payments processed by postmark date:
  • 1/1 – 1/31 – 0% penalty
  • 2/1 – 2/28 – 1% penalty
  • 3/1 – 3/31 – 2% penalty
  • 4/1 - Taxes turned over to Yates County
Payments must be made to the County after this date:
  •   315-536-5192
  • 10/15 – Delinquent Water & Sewer bills re-levied onto property tax bill

School Taxes:

  •   Penn Yan: 315-536-3321
  •   Prattsburg: 607-522-6203

Town Board Meetings:

Meets 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:00 P.M.
Minutes & agenda posted

Records & Certificates:

» Vital Statistic Records

  • Certified Copies $10
  • Copies $.25
  • Application for Copy of Record must be submitted

» Marriage Licenses (Allow 20 minutes to process.)

  • $40 cash or check
  • Bride and Groom must both be present
  • Proof of identification and age (birth certificate and driver’s license)
  • All previous divorce decree(s) must be presented, if applicable
  • Must be acquired 24 hours prior to marriage
  • License is valid for 60 days
  • Marriage Officiant – NYS requires officiant to register with Town Clerk issuing marriage license by completing Application for One-Day Marriage Officiant License. Officiant must be 18 year of age. They do not need to appear in person. If unable to appear in person, the form must be notarized and submitted. Fee is $25 cash or check.

» Birth/Death Certificates

Dog Licensing:

Original Licensing Process:

  • Proof of current Rabies vaccination
  • Spay/neuter certificate
  • Documents may be mailed or placed in lockbox with the appropriate fee
  • A validated license will be returned after processing

» Dog Licensing

  • License your dog at 4 months (It is a NYS law)
  • Annual renewal
  • $18.00 per dog
  • $10.00 if spayed/neutered
  • $3.00 for replacement tag
  • Purebred license based on number of dogs

Renewal Process:

  • Proof of current Rabies, if required, and the appropriate fee
  • May also be mailed or left in lockbox
  • The Owner copy will be validated and returned

Complete STATUS CHANGE REPORT as needed on the back of renewal application and return to the Town Clerk.

No more than 4 dogs, 4 months of age or older, on any premises, regardless of the number of owners, unless there is a purebred license for that premises.

» Jerusalem Town Code Article II. Dog Control

Hunting & Fishing:

» Hunting/fishing Licenses

  • (Also available at Beverage Baron, Lake Street, Penn Yan, and Walmart)
  • Education certification must be on file or presented

» Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC)

Accessible Parking Permits:

» Accessible parking permits
Application must be completed by physician or notated on physician prescription pad.

Road Opening Permits:

» Road Opening Permits

  • Required for any excavation within the Town right-of-way.
  • Certificate of General Liability Insurance, with no exclusions
  • Minimum $300 refundable deposit. Maximum amount to be determined by Highway Superintendent or Town Engineer
  • Highway Superintendent must authorize work
  • Deposit refunds authorized by Highway Superintendent upon satisfactory completion of work


» Fireworks Display Permit Application

  • No application fee
  • Applications must be made at least five (5) days in advance of date of display.

Vendor billing information:

  • Payments made from original itemized bills only (Faxed copies will not be accepted)
  • Payments processed at monthly Town Board meetings

Games of Chance:

  • Defined as, but not limited to, raffles, bell jar games and casino nights conducted within the Town; Authorized organizations may, upon obtaining a license from the Clerk, conduct games of chance
  • Small raffles are exempt from licensing and reporting requirements if net proceeds from such raffle are less than $5,000 on any one occasion, and less than $20,000 during one calendar year

Peddling & Soliciting:

  • 1 day $75
  • 1 month $125
  • 1 year $250

Municipal Sewer & Water:

» Municipal Sewer and Water Bills:

  • Payments received by Town Clerk
  • Payments processed by postmark date
  • Billing information/questions refer to Sewer & Water Department


» Elections/Voter Registration:

  • Election duties centralized under Yates County Board of Elections overseeing polling places, equipment and election inspectors
  •  536-5135

Freedom of Information:

» Freedom of Information:

  • Records Management Officer
  • Administrator of the Freedom of Information Law
  • Freedom of Information Request Form must be submitted
  • $.25/page


  • Notary Public Free
  • Copies $.25/page
  • Fax $2.50 1st sheet, $1 per additional sheet
  • Returned check charge $20.00
  • Subdivision Regulations $15.00