Town of Jerusalem, NY
Town of Jerusalem Offices
3816 Italy Hill Rd., Branchport, NY 14418


Terry Kwiecinski
   Fax: 315-305-3507

The Assessor Oversees:

  • Assessment of real property
  • Administration of School Tax Assessment Reduction (STAR)
  • Veterans' exemptions
  • Agricultural Assessment
  • Agricultural building exemptions

Dates To Remember:

  • March 1st - Taxable Status Day (exemption filing deadline and status of completion or condition of real property)
  • May 1st - Tentative Assessment Roll filed annually
  • Fourth Tuesday in May - Grievance Day
  • July 1st - Final Roll filed annually and Valuation Date

Grievance Day

Grievance day for 2023 is Tuesday, May 23th, from 4pm-8pm. If you are unsatisfied with the assessed value after meeting with the Assessor you may submit the completed grievance form RP-524 and supporting documentation (a minimum of 3 sales comparisons within the last 1-3 yrs.) to the Assessor’s office on or before May 23th, to be reviewed by the Grievance Board. Complaint forms and information on “What To Do If You Disagree With Your Assessment” are available from the Assessor’s office after May 1st or online at: